If it is Chinese New Year sightseeing [2020 Spring Festival trip pass], go to Aomori, the world's largest snowfall

"The snow scenery in Aomori is the most beautiful in Japan, and there are many events to enjoy snow."

Hello.青森の浅虫温泉A long-established inn in「椿館」Is.

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Nine self-owned fountainsFree flowing hot spring innIs.

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By the way, I would like to inform you of sightseeing information to enjoy "Winter Aomori" this time.

Speaking of Aomori in winter, no matter what"Snow"Is.

2015The Richest, an overseas media company, announced in 2009."Top10, a city with a lot of snow cover in the world"According toThe city where the snow is piled up in the world is "Aomori city"It is said.

This announcement seems to be the result of setting various conditions such as population and the number of observation points,
However, the best in the world is for those of us who live here, "Ehtsu? Really? That's where I said that.

Since I was a child, I have come to live without any doubt that "snow in winter" is a matter of course.
In Aomori Prefecture, there are many events where you can experience the beautiful snow scenery point, the plan to experience the snow, and enjoy the snow.

Snow events are also held in various places, but today is also the earliest snow event in the prefecture.

"Aomori Snow Light Festival 2020"I would like to introduce you to

あおもり雪灯り まつり 2020
Source: Rubu & more.

It is a handmade event for citizens, and the light of a fantastic warm candle is attractive.

The clear air of the severe winter, the atmosphere created by the beautiful, gentle and swaying snow lights, fascinates the hearts of visitors.

During the event, there will also be a "WISH Candle" experience in which candle holders draw wishes and decorate them.

Period: Friday, January 31 - Sunday, February 2, 2020
Venue: Nebuta House Wa Lasse West Square
Address: 1-1-1 Ankata, Aomori
Aomori City Tourism Division
Tel: 017-734-5179

In fact, this event isThe Bay Area of Aomori City is full of sightseeing spots.しています。


◆Aomori Tourism & Products Museum Aspam
Aspam (ASPM) is a member of Aomori Prefecture.(Aomori)Tourism(Sighteing), Product(Products), Museum(Mansion)It seems to take the initials of "Aspam" to read.
In addition, it is characterized by the appearance of a triangle shaped like "A" which is the initial of "Aomori".
In addition to the observation room (13th floor), restaurant, multipurpose room, product plaza, tourist plaza, panorama hall, etc., various events such as tsugaru shamisen performance are held, and along with the Aomori Bay Bridge, it is a landmark of Aomori City.

◆Aomori City Cultural and Tourism Exchange Facility Nebuta's House Warse
In "Nebuta no Ie Wa Lasse", you can introduce the history and charm of nebuta festival that has seen the development of the city without leaving, and you can experience all of Nebuta throughout the year.”The space of the dream”Is.

◆Seikan Ferry Memorial Ship Hakkoda Maru
The Seikan Liaison Ship, which connects Aomori Port and Hakodate Port, is said to have carried a total of 160 million passengers and 250 million tons of cargo during the 80 years to 1988. Its navigation distance is about 80 million kilometers. You have more than 2000 laps of the earth.

The biggest feature of the Seikan ferry is the "vehicle deck" equipped with cargo vehicles, and it is said that it is very rare in the world for railway vehicles to cross the sea through a ship.

The Seikan Ferry, which has made a name for itself in the history of railways in Japan and has contributed greatly to Japan's economic development, is a symbol of Aomori City, and among the 55 vessels in history, the Hakkoda Maru (the Hakkoda Mountain Range and Water Marsh is the symbol mark) is a valuable facility that moored the ship with the longest period of 23 years and 7 months almost to the state at the time of service.

椿館Access to Aomori Bay Area from(GoogleMap Here)
We went to Aomori Station, which is about 30 minutes by train. The area around Aomori Station is the Bay Area.

Please enjoy the snow festival "Aomori Snow Light Festival 2020" held in the Aomori Bay area this winter, and the winter of Aomori at the sightseeing spots in the vicinity.

And the accommodation
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Current椿館Well, we're going to have some delicious food. Winter Accommodation Plan We are looking forward to seeing you.

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(1) Operation period: December 20 to April 17
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Estimated departure time PM15:30- PM17:00

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For those who are worried about airplanes in heavy snowfall areas
Aomori Airport is one of the heaviest snowfall areas in Japan, and in snowy years, the cumulative snowfall can exceed 10 meters. Among airports with regular private aircraft flights, airports with cumulative snowfall of more than 10 meters are rare in Japan.

It is organized by a joint enterprise of several companies to support Aomori Airport of such heavy snowfall.Aomori Airport Snowplow Slower White ImpulseIs. This wonderful snow removal technology is attracting attention from all over the world, and it seems that the inspection group of various countries visits.

Source: Aomori Airport Snowplow Slower White Impulse Ver.4 [Official] Aomori-AirPort”WHITE IMPULSE”

Aomori Airport has the highest snowfall in Japan.It is said that there is never a cancellation in time for snow removal.The Aomori Airport Snowplow Team, which is also known as the best in Japan for its speed of work, was named "White Impulse" in 2013, inspired by the Air Self-Defense Force's "Blue Impulse" that is fascinated by the undisturbed formation.


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