Hirosaki Park is one of Japan's most popular cherry blossom viewing spots for sakura festival 2021

Last year in 2020,The 100th Hirosaki Cherry Blossom FestivalIs,
Unfortunately, it was canceled due to the effects of the new coronavirus,

Hirosaki Cherry Blossom Festival in 2021 will be held with measures against novel coronavirus infectionsIt seems to be.

I wrote about how wonderful hirosaki's cherry blossom festival is as an article of last year, so I hope you can read it once. ↓↓↓
Hirosaki Park is one of Japan's most famous cherry blossom viewing spots

Hello.Aomori's浅虫温泉A long-established inn in「椿館」Are.

Nine self-owned fountainsA historic hot spring inn with free flowing hot springsAre.

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Hirosaki Sakura Festival: April 23, 2021(gold)Through May 5(Water Celebration)

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In addition, there are two videos that I would like to introduce to everyone this time.

The first video is Hirosaki Park in spring, when the 100th Hirosaki Cherry Blossom Festival was canceled and the park was closed from the viewpoint of preventing the spread of the new coronavirus infection. While only the sound of the wind blowing through and the chirping of birds could be heard, the cherry blossoms were in full bloom and surrounded by a mysterious atmosphere with a cherry blossom blizzard.

Like the cherry blossoms that begin to prepare to bloom again from the moment they scatter, we want to overcome this difficulty together and welcome the 101st cherry blossoms next spring with you. It is a work with such a thought. This documentary video work follows the cherry blossoms of Hirosaki Park, which is also known as the largest cherry tree in Japan, and the appearance of workers including the tree doctor "Team Sakura mori" who protects the cherry blossoms.

* This video seems to have won the grand prize from among a total of 125 entries at the "2nd Furusato Video Award (Regional Promotion Grand Prix Video Category)" sponsored by the Regional Revitalization Center.

For the second video, this year marks the 10th anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake, and a large-scale tourism campaign called "Tohoku Destination Campaign" will be held in which six JR companies and six prefectures in Tohoku will work together.


JR East offers a variety of initiatives and hospitality for the campaign, and as one of them, a powerful TV commercial "Tohoku LIVE" is produced.
The sound that resonates in daily life and the images with a sense of LIVE express the "passion" and "energy" of Tohoku. Please take a look!

It is about an hour's drive from Tsubakikan to Hirosaki Park (congestion is expected during the period)

2021In 2008, the Hirosaki Cherry Blossom Festival commemorated its 101st anniversary.Are.
On this occasion"Japan's oldest Somei Yoshino" blooms as the most famous cherry blossom spot in Japanand浅虫温泉With the oldest history,棟方志功Yukari's inn 椿館Enjoy.

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It is the hot spring of the pride of the hotel,9"Tsubaki-no-Yu" gushes out from the source of the book's own hot spring is a simple hot spring(hypothynous weakly alkaline high hot spring),Even those with weak skin can enjoy it. There is also a beauty effectIt is a hot spring with a heat that is hard to cool down. There is also an open-air bath.

We are the first hot spring in the prefecture to get permission to drink hot springs and serve them with source dishes.

After healing your daily fatigue in the hot spring椿館にてThe hotel's proud dinner is served with delicious mountain and sea products seasoned in AomoriPlease enjoy it.

When traveling to Aomori for a hot spring trip"250 Popular Hot Spring Ryokan Hotels 5 Stars"Inn,浅虫温泉 椿館 Please order.

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