Asami Onsen Therapy Day

In the sea, in the mountains, in the hot springs,Asamushi Hot Spring Therapy Day for 2 days to "loosen" the body and kokoro! will be held


Hello.Aomori's浅虫温泉A long-established inn in「椿館」です。

Nine self-owned fountainsA historic hot spring inn with free flowing hot springsです。

By the way, how about participating in Asami Onsen Therapy Day at the beginning of the 4th consecutive holiday in July?

Asami Onsen Therapy Day
Date: July 22nd and 23rd (Thursday and Friday, but both holidays)
Reservations/Inquiries: 4-RideTEL:017-718-8557


After enjoying nature in the sea, in the mountains, please heal your fatigue with the hot spring of our pride.
In addition, please enjoy the popular spicy curry (please refer to the lower part) of sister building shukuyaTsubauki for your meal.

Spicy Curry Day Trip Bathing Set: 1,000 yen is also available.

Not only for two days of Asami Onsen Therapy Day, but also for 4-Ride,

1A variety of activity tours are available throughout the year.

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It is the hot spring of the pride of the hotel,9"Tsubaki-no-Yu" gushes out from the source of the book's own hot spring is a simple hot spring(hypothynous weakly alkaline high hot spring),Even those with weak skin can enjoy it. There is also a beauty effectIt is a hot spring with a heat that is hard to cool down. There is also an open-air bath.

We are the first hot spring in the prefecture to get permission to drink hot springs and serve them with source dishes.

After healing your daily fatigue in the hot spring椿館InThe hotel's proud dinner is served with delicious mountain and sea products seasoned in AomoriPlease enjoy it.

When traveling to Aomori for a hot spring trip"250 Popular Hot Spring Ryokan Hotels 5 Stars"Inn,浅虫温泉 椿館 Please order.

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Sister building "Shukuya Tsuba"Spicy curry of the topic
The image is "Nagisa curry at night"

青森スパイシーカレー’’/><br />
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Spicy curry of the topicTake-out is also on sale with rave reviews
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Spicy curry specialty store, yetIf you didn't know, click here.Please take a look.

Blend more than 20 kinds of spices without any flourAndAuthentic original curry made from ichi We offer.

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Business days: Tuesday to Sunday
Closed: Monday

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Tuesday to Saturday: 11:00~14:30
Sunday: 11:00~17:00

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Location: 039-3501 Oji Asamushi Hotarutani 25, Aomori City, Aomori Prefecture

In the future, Tsubakikan, inn Tsubaki Thank you both.