Please come to Aomori at a great price with the nationwide travel support campaign

Nationwide Travel Support Campaign Held! How about a trip to Aomori on this occasion? ↓ Jump to the detail page ↓ here Click here for the introduction video of our facility ▼ For details of this facility, please see the website. ************************************************************************************ ▼ Homepage is here ▼ ▼ If it is from a smartphone, you can call by clicking ▼ ************************************************************************************ Spicy curry of the sister house "Inn Tsubaki" A menu using summer vegetables joins the ranks "Ratatouille" in which vegetables are stewed in white wine Diced pork dipped in red wine The sour and spicy summer staple "Summer Vegetable Pork Vindal" Today, please enjoy the summer with the spicy curry of Inn Tsubaki Please enjoy it. July 16 (Sat) and 17 (Sun) are the official Twitter of Spice Curry for the first time in three years.