Unlimited viewing of Shiko Munakata's original paintings

こんにちは。青森の浅虫温泉にある老舗旅館「椿館」です。 自家泉源9本の源泉かけ流しの歴史ある温泉宿です。 当館は世界的版画家の棟方志功ゆかりの宿として営業させていただいております。 館内の随所に棟方志功画伯の原画を飾らせていただいております。 ロビーラウンジにも、棟方志功画伯のここにしかない原画がございます。 左手の「親子鯉の屏風」も棟方志功画伯の作品です。 ご予約をお待ちしております。 ************************************************************************************ ▼ Homepage is here ▼ ▼ If it is from a smartphone, you can call by clicking ▼ ************************************************************************************ 姉妹館「宿屋つばき」の話題のスパイシーカレー 話題のスパイシーカレーのテイクアウトも絶賛販売中 売り切れの場合がありますので、ご予約頂ければ幸いです。 ご予約はこちら(フリーダイヤル) スパイシーカレー専門店を、まだご存じなかった方はこちらをご覧ください。 小麦粉を一切使わず、20種類以上のスパイスをブレンドし、イチから作った こだわりの本格オリジナルカレー を提供しております。 スパイスカレー営業情報 営業日:火曜日~日曜日 定休日:月曜日 営業時間: 火曜~土曜日:11:00~14:30 Sunday: 11:00~15:00 Sold out information, etc. in delivery

Folding screen of parent and child carp

Hello. It is a long-established ryokan "Tsubakikan" in Asamushi Onsen in Aomori. It is a historic hot spring inn that flows directly from 9 private hot spring sources. For more information about the museum, please visit our website. We would like to introduce the works of Mr. Shiko Munakata, a world-class panel painter exhibited at this museum. Today's work is "Folding Screen of Parent-Child Koi". This is on display in the lobby on the first floor. There is a warm and heartwarming episode in this picture. A small child carp in the middle of the big picture kneaded the dada. The father carp (on the right), mother carp (on the left), and brother koi gather to care for the children's carp, creating a warm and warm scene. This picture of "Oyako Koi" is the design of the yukata of the hotel. When you use this museum, we hope that you will enjoy this warm episode and the work of Shiko Munakata. The hotel's proud hot spring, "Camellia no Yu" that springs from nine private hot spring sources, is a simple hot spring (hypotonic weak alkaline high hot spring) that can be enjoyed even by people with weak skin. It also has a beauty effect and is a hot spring that is difficult to cool. There is also an open-air bath. We are the first hot spring in the prefecture to obtain permission to drink hot spring and serve it as a source dish. After healing your daily fatigue in the hot spring, please enjoy our proud dinner at Tsubakikan, which serves delicious mountain and sea delicacies seasoned with Aomori flavors. When traveling to Aomori, please order Asamushi Onsen Tsubakikan, an inn with "250 popular hot spring ryokan hotels with 5 stars". ************************************************************************************ ▼ Homepage is here ▼ ▼ Click to call from smartphone ▼ About the topic spicy curry information Menu The takeout of spicy curry of the topic may be sold out in the acclaimed sale, so I would appreciate it if you could make a reservation. Click here for reservations (toll-free) If you have not yet know spicy curry specialty stores, please click here. We offer a special authentic original curry made from ichi by blending more than 20 kinds of spices without using any flour. Spice Curry Business Days: Tuesday to Sunday Closed: Monday Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday: 11:00~14:30 Sunday: 11:00~17:00 Sold out information, etc. in delivery