The recommended inn for a hot spring trip to Aomori is a five-star inn with history and self-sourced flowing water.

If you are visiting Aomori hot springs, please use tsubakikan, a popular hot spring inn with hot springs that you can drink. Hello. Tsubakikan is a long-established ryokan located in Asami Onsen in Aomori. NOTE:How to read Tsubakikan:Tsubaki-Kan(Hotel name) Asami:ASAMUSHI(Place name) Asami Onsen:ASAMUSHI Hot spring It is a historical hot spring inn with 9 free flowing hot springs. For details of the hotel, please refer to the website. By the way, there is little snow so far this winter, and some events at ski resorts in the prefecture have been canceled. If you have any plans, please check the ski resort's website before going out. Today, I would like to talk a little about the introduction to the history of Asami Onsen (A.D. 1891: until Meiji 24). Asami Onsen is said to have been discovered by Jikei Daishi (Yennin) in the Heian period. Originally, it was used only to steam hemp that weaves cloth, but it is said that Yianko Daishi (Hojo) who visited this place in 1190 encouraged villagers to take a bath when he saw a damaged deer bathing in hot water, and it is said that it has been used by people since then. (Imagine, did Mr. Yen-jin visit Aomori in the style of an image?) Source: Wikipedia Hot Spring name is also derived from steaming hemp, and it is said that "Asamushi" changed and became "Asamushi". Asami Onsen is located in a location rich in mountain and sea, with a calm Rikutsu Bay spreading out in front of you, and a rich forest behind it, where you can clearly feel the changing seasons. Although it is such asamushi onsen, in the era until around 1868( 1868), there was a difficult place called Zen chitorizaki on the way, and it seems that a decent road was not passed. It is thought that asa insect hot spring until the tunnel of the beginning of the Meiji era opened was "Isolated island of land" because the cliff cliff protrudes to the sea, and it will not be possible to pass if it does not pass by passing somehow by passing to the tip of the cape to the cliff, passing the board to the rocky ground or crossing the mountain without passing through the route along the sea. In 1876, emperor Meiji visited Hokkaido and stopped by Asami Onsen. At that time, Emperor Meiji was a basket, and his cousins were traveling on equestrians, and the passage of the pier of Zen chitorizaki was too dangerous, so a tunnel was dug to wear the cliff in the previous year, and it seems that it became possible for cattle and horses to pass. In other words, thanks to the tour of Emperor Meiji, it seems that people can come and go, and Asamu Onsen has developed. At this time, Emperor Meiji and other members of the imperial family visited Asamushi with a gorgeous cast seen in period dramas of the Meiji Restoration, such as Iwakura Tomiko, Okubo Tostsuko, Kido Takayoshi, Okuma Shigenobu, Tokudaiji Minoru, etc., and at that time, they were honored to stay at the hotel "Tsubakikan". Source: June 2, 1884 Uchiwa Mimura YukimanseiBashi No Makei Ukawa Hiroshige (3rd generation) Painting Tsubakikan is written that three rooms between 8 tatami mats were provided between 6 tatami mats and 2 tatami mats as a room for the Emperor and the great government. In addition, 250 people and 90 horses are said to have been in the line. At that time, it was reported in the Higashi-Oku Nippo in 1939, and an excerpt was posted in "Here". After that, the tunnel was constructed and expanded, and the Tohoku Main Line and National Route 4 (former Oshu Highway) came to pass, and it became an important land route connecting the east and west of Aomori Prefecture from Hirosaki and Aomori through Asami Onsen to Hachinohe. In 1891(Meiji 24), the Tohoku Main Line was fully connected to Tokyo and Aomori by railway, and asami station (present-day Asami Onsen Station) opened, and asami onsen gradually developed. The history introduction of Asami Onsen is so far (following the next issue) The hotel's proud hot spring is a simple hot spring (hypothympic weak alkaline high hot spring) that gushes out from 9 own spring sources, and even those with weak skin can enjoy it. In addition, it has a beauty effect, and it is a hot spring with a heat that is hard to cool down. There is also an open-air bath. We take permission to drink hot springs first in hot springs in the prefecture, and serve them with source dishes. <当館自慢の温泉についてはこちら> after healing your daily fatigue at The Hot Spring, enjoy a delicious dinner at Tsubakikan. … Continued